The H2 factory of the future

Why does Elon Musk get so much attention for building something as ordinary as a battery factory?
The reason is that he includes design and good storytelling in the project.

At Greenstat we are aiming to develop the safest, most cost efficient and well-designed Hydrogen factory ever built. Traditionally hydrogen factories are not something that you will associate with something cool or attractive, but we believe it is necessary to build future production plants in a way that makes them attractive to people. Never compromising on safety, but still challenging the ways things have been done in the past.

By doing this we believe that the social acceptance of hydrogen production plants will be higher and that the interest for hydrogen as an energy carrier will be increased. In cooperation with a design and engineering company Greenstat has developed a first version of our planned hydrogen plant and we are now developing this into a commercial version to be used in upcoming projects.


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