Both hydrogen and battery cars needed!

When discussing hydrogen cars people are often stuck in a debate wether to invest in battery or hydrogen cars.

As both cars are electrical and zero emission cars, only fossil cars would benefit from this discussion.

At the moment there are 1 billion cars in the world and only a tiny fraction of these are zero emission vehicles. The important discussion for the next years will be how battery and hydrogen cars combined can erase the need for fossil cars.

Even in Norway where electrical cars have become extremely popular we see that it far from covers the need of all car buyers. The total number of cars in Norway is 2,6 millions and we now have nearly 150 000 electrical cars. Among new cars sold in 2017, nearly 30% are EVs. But this still leaves a large percentage of fossil cars beeing sold.

To replace all future cars with zero emission vehicles we need both battery and hydrogen to make that happen. The two different solutions fill different segements and could also be combined by making plug in hybdrids making it possible to charge for your everyday driving and fill hydrogen for longer trips.

Hydrogen car benefits:

  • Short filling time, 3 min
  • Long range, >600 km
  • Could be used as any other car with no charging hassel

Battery benefits

  • Cheap electricity when charged at home
  • Highest energy efficiency

Plug in battery/hydrogen benefits

  • Cheap electricity when charged at home
  • Short filling time when needed

Personally I have been very happy owning a Nissan Leaf since 2013 and I am a big fan of Tesla. In 2013 we reserved a Tesla Model X which we received in 2016. We owned the car for a short period before selling it. The reason was not that it was not a great car, but it was too expensive for our usage.

Model X vs iX35 Fuel Cell

At our company Greenstat we have bought the first hydrogen car on the west coast of Norway and we are looking forward to see that both battery cars and hydrogen cars contribute to a zero emissin car fleet, first in Norway, and later in the rest of the world.

Available hydrogen cars on the market:

  • Hyundai iX35 Fuel cell
  • Toyota Mirai
  • Honda Clarity
  • Renault Kangoo (Symbio Fuel cell range extender)
  • Merceds GLC (coming soon)

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