No green yachts in Puerto Banus, yet! 

My interest for yachts have increased dramatically after we at Greenstat got involved in the Hydrogen Viking project. The project aims to convert a Sunseeker Predator 95 from  being a diesel monster to becomming a 100% emission free vessel powered by hydrogen and batteries!

This summer we spent ten days In Marbella, Spain, where we also went to the port in Puerto Banus to have a closer look at the super yachts at the marina. For now it is not any zero emission vessels to be seen, but in the near future I believe that luxury yachts will be some of the first vessels to make the transition to emission free energy systems.

No zero emission yachts to be found at the marina in Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain during our vacation July 2017.

If successful the technology will be demonstrated in 2018 making zero emission hybrid systems available for the mass market from 2020.

Hydrogen Viking, Sunseeker Predator 95, floating in the Bergen harbour waiting to be equipped with a fuel cell and battery system providing roughly 3MW of power to bring it up to a speed of close to 40 knots.

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