Green Calendar Day 2 – Otovo, a Norwegian solar energy star

Who would think that Norway, the cold and dark place up north could foster one of the most promising solar companies in Europe?

But the harsh environment might be the reason why the team behind the rapidly growing solar company, Otovo, will succeed. It is not when things are easy you grow and improve your skills, it is when it is difficult, and you have to challenge the way you think and constantly be smarter than the others.

If you can succeed with your solar business model in Norway, then you can succeed anywhere. By using Norway as a pilot marked for a larger disruptive business model based on the Solar City (now a part of Telsa) model, Otovo is expanding to new markets with a bigger potential than the limited market in Norway.

Otovo has grown rapidly since its start just three years ago and has recently raised 100 Million NOK to secure expansion to other European markets.

It is inspiring to witness the ambitions and speed that Otovo has in its effort to become a leading player in the solar market. I hope that the journey can continue for many years so that Norway could have a leading star within the solar industry.

We got installed Otovo solar panels two years ago and in comparison to other players in the market they have understood the one thing, it must be easy. You contact Otovo, they install the panels and all necessary equipment. Then it works, you pay and you have become a solar production star yourself:-)

If they in addition manage to keep the lowest prices in the business I am certain that Otovo will be a success.



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