Green Calendar Day 7 – Green kids, motivated by the next generation

Why do we not act faster on climate change issues when we know how important it is for the future generations?

For me this is a very difficult question to answer as it should be obvious to us all that our children’s future is at stake if we do not replace fossil energy with green solutions as soon as possible. Personally I have decided to spend the  rest of my career working with green solutions that will help accelerate the transition from fossil to zero emission energy usage. If more and more people work with green solutions, the green solutions will rapidly be better than the fossil alternatives. This will reduce the emissions and more and more green jobs will be created.

Yesterday on the 6th of December our oldest daughter turned 10 years old. It is shocking how fast they grow up and in just a few years she will be a part of the grown up world, hopefully with a mind prepared to act on the challenges facing their generation.

The ten year old and her seven year old sister are bright girls asking a lot of questions about why we do things the way we do in the world. Some things are easy to answer, but others are not. Why do people smoke? Why do we allow plastic to end up in the ocean? Why do we use cars that pollute? The list is brutally long as the world is full of examples of bad human behavior. Hopefully their kids will not have to ask all the same questions.

While we can’t provide good answers to all of their questions, I know that eventually they will know that we knew that we had to act! Hence it will be nowhere to hide if we as grown ups do not respond on climate change and other matters that potentially will have a negative impact on the future of our kids.

My motivation lies 25+ years ahead when I finally decide to retire and when my daughters turn to ask, «Dad, what did you do?» I will make sure that my answer is, «all that I could!»

The next ten to twenty years will be critical to turn things around and I am ready to be a part of that change,  motivated by my two green girls.

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