Green Calendar Day 12 – bGreen, the new green cluster in Bergen

bGreen is a cluster located in Bergen focusing on green businesses and how to create green jobs in the region. The cluster is inspired by the work done by OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) who has been an important player in developing green projects and businesses in Oslo.

The cluster is led by Annika Rødeseike. If you are interested in more information, just contact her for a meeting at You can also follow bGreen on Facebook


bGreeen is funded by Bergen Kommune and Hordaland Fylkeskommune and is working to connect the most exiting business in the region to create an inspiring arena for collaboration within green solutions.

The cluster has an open approach and will work with several issues that can result in lower emissions and green job creation. Some of the areas of interest are local energy, transportation, waste management and zero emission buildings.

The cluster also focuses on identifying individuals in the organization as it is often personal motivation that provides the best results when working together as a cluster.

bGreen samling.jpg
bGreen meeting in Bergen 2018.

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