About me

My name is Vegard Frihammer (1975). I was borne and raised at Stord, but has since 1997 lived most of my life in Bergen.

After working in the oil and gas and maritime industry, I am now 110 % committed to renewable energy and green solutions.

Since 2004 when I came back from Australia after completing to Master degrees, Master of Electrical Engineering (Curtin University) and Master of Electronic Business (UWA), I have worked with renewable energy projects and have a strong dedication to use my knowledge to help reduce the carbon emissions in Norway and the rest of the world.

I am the founder and GEO of Greeenstat a company founded with support from a broad group of founding fathers in 2015.

Before starting Greenstat I worked as head of renewable energy at Christian Michelsen Research (now NORCE), a research institute located in Bergen.

I am married to Helene Frihammer  (1977) and together we have two children Leona (2008) and Cornelia (2011). Until 2015 my surname was Laukhammer, but after discussing different solutions we chose to merge our two long surames Frimannslund and  Laukhammer into one shorter one Frihammer. 

I am personally committed to making the world greener and both me and my wife is determined to use positive energy and collaboration to change the world!

We do not have the luxury to sit around and wait for others, we must start with ourselves and do whatever we can within our own capabilities and resources.

Making Green Happen